No Kidding: Seattle Police Go On Wild Goat Chase

Group of goat kids chased a group of human kids.

— -- Police in Seattle were able to stop a wild situation before it got worse on Thursday after 10 goats escaped from a yard.

According to the Seattle Police Department, a group of kids reported being chased by another group of kids at about 1:15 p.m. Thursday. The only catch was that the second group of kids was actually a pack of baahd young goats.

After a brief "hoof chase," the SPD said it was able to corral the wayward goats. Animal Control officers were said to be contacting the goats' owner, who thanked police for bringing the goats home.

The SPD did have fun with the incident though, mocking up a movie poster parodying that of the Steve McQueen classic "The Great Escape."