Husband Settles Bed-Hogging Debate With Laser Down the Middle

Man tired of fighting for his side of the bed settles the argument with "data."

February 9, 2016, 11:36 AM

— -- If your significant other hogs the bed, this man has a solution: Set up a laser down the middle.

Jon Nagel, of Dallas, Texas, posted this hilarious photo to Reddit where it’s now going viral with nearly 1 million views. The caption reads, “In our house there is no debate, ONLY DATA.”

He said he wanted to end the debate over who takes up more room in the bed, so he measured the mattress and mounted a remote-controlled laser to a TV on the wall which draws a line down the middle.

“The laser was inspired by playful teasing, no spite,” Nagel, a data scientist in the video game industry, told ABC News. “We both kept saying the other was over the middle.”

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Although he confesses there is “no winning or losing” the argument, soon his wife Michelle will definitely be sprawling out as much as she needs.

“I'm currently pregnant with twins so I'm sure I will creep onto his side more as I get bigger, but I find those to be extenuating circumstances,” she quipped. “And any jury would side with me on that one. If the belly crosses the laser, that is the babies invading territory, not me.”

The playful couple said it’s only meant to be a fun experiment.

“I really love Jon's nerdery,” Michelle said of her crafty husband. “While some couples find this to be a point of vicious tension, worst case in our house is a playful pillow fight or over-exaggerated snuggles until someone gets back to their side.”

The soon-to-be parents have been married for five years, but one commenter online joked that they must be newlyweds "because no man who's been married for any length of time would be so foolish to think that hard facts will win you anything."

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