Man Surprises His Groomsmen With Hilarious Personalized Cufflinks

A photo of one of the lucky groomsmen's "Goldeneye" cufflinks went viral.

— -- Don’t be jealous, fellas.

Not all grooms take the time to be as creative as this one -- who surprised each of his groomsmen with custom, personalized cufflinks on his Aug. 9 wedding day.

One of those lucky groomsmen, Sam Casey, was so impressed with his epic throwback Nintendo 64 “GoldenEye” accessories that he posted a picture of the cufflinks to Reddit where it’s now gone viral with nearly 2.5 million views in just two days.

Casey says the inventive gifts were a “massive surprise.”

“We were all laughing and showing them off to each other,” he told ABC News. “Each of us also got beer mugs with the first letter of our first names printed on them, and the cufflinks were wrapped in little boxes inside the mugs.”

The groomsmen, most of whom grew up in New York City, opened the presents all at the same time prior to the wedding.

“The cufflinks each of us got had backstory of our relationships with the groom involved,” Casey wrote on Reddit. “Especially with mine, I don't plan on wearing them to anything again, but I am always going to treasure them, and take them out to laugh at.”

Here's a look at the entertaining collection of cufflinks that are sure to jazz up any occasion.

The Super Nintendo controllers belong to the best man and younger brother of the groom.

“They grew up playing a lot of Super Nintendo together, so that's the significance there,” said Casey.

Next are Casey’s own N64 “Goldeneye” cufflinks. He and the groom have been friends since their freshman year of high school.

“Our group of friends loved playing N64 games, and they all thought they were decent at ‘Goldeneye,’” he recalled. “I always destroyed them when we played, and then no one would play it with me, so I got ‘Goldeneye’ cufflinks.”

Now for the headphones. This groomsman has always loved house, techno and EDM music and drags his buddies along to numerous shows with him.

The groom also made sure to include his friend’s favorite restaurant in Chinatown. These custom cufflinks are emblazoned with Joe’s Shanghai restaurant’s logo, where they’ve all been going together since high school.

And of course there’s Solo cups. These cufflinks stem from this groomsman’s “enthusiasm for drinking games, and I believe one night when we all played them at his apartment post-college,” said Casey.

It wouldn’t be a wedding without “Ghostbusters” in attendance. This groomsman shares a love “of all things 80s” with the groom.

With “arm candy” as fancy as these, you can’t help but wonder what their socks looked like.

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