Mom-daughter duo delivers customized dorm room decor in a box

Amanda Zuckerman and her mom, Karen Zuckerman, founded

— -- A mother-daughter duo is helping people transform their dorm rooms or maximize space in tiny apartments with a one-stop shopping solution delivered to their door in a convenient box.

Amanda Zuckerman and her mom, Karen Zuckerman, founded, which caters to the fashion-minded. Clients can order their very own custom design on the site.

“Dormify prepares parents and children with everything they need to move in a dorm room and start off college in a nice, comfortable way, and our twist is with style,” Karen Zuckerman told ABC News. The company is completely staffed by women, she added.

People can choose from a selection of pre-designed rooms featured online, or they can custom-design their space with a consultant on the website or in Dormify’s showroom in New York City.

The Zuckermans' goal is for each client’s room to be as individual as they are.

Emma Lachman, a freshman at the University of Maryland, liked the one-stop shopping.

“It kind of all came together,” said Lachman. “It was personalized for me, not just everyone has it. So many different variations, different colors. I just loved it.”

Here are the Zuckermans' top tips for not having to sacrifice style for sensibility in small spaces:

What's the first feature to tackle?

“We’re starting with the bed because it’s really the focal point of the room,” Amanda Zuckerman said on “Good Morning America.” “You’re going to spend so much time here in college and you want it to be comfortable. We love jersey sheets, they feel like the softest T-shirt that you own. Then we add in some style with decorative pillows to add a little bit of personality into the space.”

How do people keep clutter organized in small spaces?

“This ottoman is a great piece because it doubles as a storage item and an extra seat for when friends come over and you need extra space,” Amanda Zuckerman explained. “Under the bed is a great place to store a ton of stuff because you’re really not working with a lot of space. This bed caddy is great. If you don’t have a nightstand you can have all your essentials at an arm’s reach while you’re still in bed. This trunk is a great piece too because it’s a triple threat. It’s a nightstand, it’s storage, but it’s also an extra seat with a comfy cushion on top for your desk.”

How else can clients jazz up the room?

“This headboard is an awesome piece. It has an outlet to charge your phone. It’s really lightweight and attaches with Velcro strips to the wall,” Amanda Zuckerman said. “Rugs are a great piece because they make your room a little bit more homey, cozy. You can even layer something more stylish on top for an extra add of flare."

How can students spice up plain dorm room walls?

“This adhesive wallpaper is awesome. It’s easy to remove and take off,” said Amanda Zuckerman. “It looks like a brick wall but it’s really wallpaper. It’s damage free.”

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