Mom Blogs That Losing a Child Is Helping Her Fight Breast Cancer

Elizabeth Hutton said her son's loss is motivating her now.

— -- A British mother, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, explained in a moving blog post why her new medical issues don't scare her.

Elizabeth Hutton wrote, "It's not that I think it will be easy, or that its not serious, it's that I know that however dire things get (death excluded)I will come out the other end better than before. And how do I know this? Toby. My baby. The baby I buried. If anything was going to break me, that was it."

Hutton, 36, lives in Surrey, England and has two other children Emily, 7, and Joshua, 4. She told ABC News she lost her son Toby in May 2010, halfway through her pregnancy.

"When I lost Toby there was no one to tell me what would happen in the future," Hutton said. "No one knew if I could have another child. No one knew if I would get over the grief."

"With cancer it's a timetable," she added. "I have a plan to work towards. It feels very different. If I hadn't gone through that, I wouldn't be as positive."

Hutton, who was driving to her pre-operative assessment when speaking to ABC News, said the plan is to have a double-mastectomy followed by chemotherapy. Doctors are confident in her recovery.

"At the moment I'm probably the happiest I've ever been in my life in terms of being comfortable, being happy with my children, being comfortable in the work that I'm doing," she said, referencing her role as CEO of Kicks Count, an organization that raises awareness of stillbirths.

"I know however dark the days get when I'm fighting cancer, I know there will be something at the end of it," Hutton said. "My diagnosis isn't terminal at the moment -- it would be very different if it was a terminal diagnosis. But however long it takes, I can recover."