Mom's Facebook Post Praises Store Cashier for Kindness Towards Son

Kimberly Grandinette snapped a photo of a cashier holding her son.

— -- A photo of a store cashier showing a toddler's kindness has one mom singing her praises.

Kimberly Grandinette of Enon, Ohio took a snapshot of Kristen Clark holding her son, Paul Jr., 3, while she rang up their groceries on Dec. 13.

"I snapped the photo because it was a really sweet moment," Grandinette told ABC News. "My son loves to help and it's not very often where someone would actually bring him behind the register and let him. I knew in my head I wanted to thank her...I just never thought that it would go this far."

About the interaction, Grandinette said, she was telling the employee who was ringing her up, that her infant son was in the hospital and Paul Jr. was having a rough time with the family's new routine.

Clark then offered for Paul to come behind the register and help scan the coupons, something that Grandinette said warmed her heart.

"She had him on her hip and was showing him how to scan the bar code," Grandinette said. "It was a really sweet thing to do. He loved it. He was smiling from ear-to-ear and just skipped out of the store. He plays register all the time at home, so it was really cool for him to do that in real life."

One hour after taking the photo, Grandinette shared it on Facebook, thanking Clark for her sweet gesture.

The post quickly racked up over 148,000 likes.

"One thing about my customers, is I try and engage with all of them, rather than what you hear about cashiers, them being robotic," Clark told ABC News. "We were talking and she was saying that she was going to visit her son [in the hospital]."

Clark said she happily allowed Paul to scan his mom's coupons, but was unaware that Grandinette took a photo of them until she logged onto Facebook that night.

"I said 'Oh my goodness, I didn’t know she even took a picture of me,'" Clark said. "It just kept growing and growing and I said 'Is this a dream?'

"I thought it was so sweet," she added. "It felt so good that somebody took time out of their day to say something nice and for people to take a liking to it, it made me feel really good."

A representative of Meijer released the following statement to ABC News today.

"We are proud to have incredible team members, like Kristen, who go out of their way to provide great customer service. This is another reminder that compassion and kindness go a long way."