Neglected Dog Without a Nose Gets Dramatic Transformation

Harry the Chow Chow was brought in with several injuries and matted fur.

— -- Harry, a neglected Chow Chow without a nose, came into a Missouri animal shelter with heartbreaking story that quickly evolved into a happy ending.

The 4-year-old rescue dog was found by Kansas City Animal Control chained in a backyard, without food or water, and in very poor condition.

"He was severely matted. It was of the worst cases we've ever seen," Tori Fugate of KC Pet Project in Kansas City, Missouri, told ABC News. "There had been a couple of complaints filed against the owner that the dog was not being cared for. He's now living in a foster home and he’s doing so well."

"We don’t know his entire back-story, but we imagine that this is the first time he’s slept in a soft bed," Fugate said.

Harry arrived at the shelter on June 21, and KC Pet Project's staff dramatically transformed the pup by shaving his knotted fur over the course of two hours. The shaved fur weighed over five pounds, Fugate said.

Following his cosmetic changes, Fugate said the shelter staff began assessing Harry's medical needs.

"We think he’s mostly blind," she said. "He has scarred corneas from entropion, which is from when your eyelashes turn inside out. They could only be removed with surgery."

As for his nose, Fugate said Harry could have accidentally hurt himself or it could have been done on purpose by someone else.

Harry requires as much love as any other animal, Fugate added.

"He does startle a little bit whenever petted, but warms up to new people very easily," Fugate said. "We all fell hard for him while he was at the shelter, and we’re thrilled that he is now living comfortably in a home environment. They’re spoiling him with love, which is exactly what he needs and deserves."

Fugate added that any donations made to Harry through the KC Pet Project are being matched by the Roadrunner Fund to support costs of abused, sick or critically injured pets in the Kansas City area.

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