Ohio couple with 5 biological children adopts 6 siblings: 'They're definitely my children'

Christopher and Christina Sanders started as the six children's foster parents.

— -- Family is more than just blood, and the Sanders family is living proof.

Christina and Christopher Sanders of Ohio received their first foster placement -- of four brothers -- in 2014, and it changed their lives forever. They took in the boys' two sisters in 2016. And now they have legally adopted all six siblings, which will ensure the brothers and sisters stay together.

"This whole experience has been so rewarding for us because taking care of the kids and caring for the kids through these past couple years, we got so close to them and developed such tremendous love for these children," Christopher Sanders told ABC News. "There's nothing we wouldn't do for these children. We just want the best for them. We felt like we had to do whatever we thought we could do to help.”

"They’re definitely my children," he added.

Chloe, 9, Carson, 10, Caylee, 12, Caleb, 13, Christian, 14, and Coby, 16, join the five biological children whom the Sanders already had and who have welcomed their new brothers and sisters. Christopher Sanders said the gang is getting along well despite their large number and "their sister and brother fights."

“They’re just really happy,” Christina Sanders said.

The family has started a GoFundMe account to raise funds to purchase a van to accommodate everyone, and then business will continue as usual, Christina Sanders said.

“I’ll be getting a van and continuing to live and doing what we’ve been doing,” she said.

Christopher Sanders said despite the rough patches that sometimes accompany foster parenting, he would encourage others to do it.

“This whole transition has been so beautiful,” he said. “I can’t complain about anything. I would definitely recommend foster parenting to anyone.”