Olive Garden's Breadstick Sandwiches Are Everything You Want Them to Be

They're pretty darn good.

Capitalizing on that addiction, Olive Garden today debuted sandwiches made with its signature breadsticks as buns. Offered in two flavors -- Italian Meatball and Chicken Parmigiana -- the sandwiches start at $6.99 and come with garlic Parmesan fries, more unlimited breadsticks and a choice of soup or salad.

But how do they taste? The answer is: pretty darn good.

The breadstick buns are wider than the narrow, normal breadsticks, but they have the same satisfyingly squishy texture, slightly sweet flavor, buttery outside and salty garlic sprinkle.

Of the two, I kept wanting to take more bites of the meatball sandwich, which had both alfredo and marinara sauce co-mingling for a creamy tomato sauce that flavors the soft, spiced meatballs.

The chicken, which is breaded, fried and topped with mozzarella and marinara, wasn’t bad, but it could have been crunchier as a contrast to the soft bread and melted cheese.

In fact, these breadstick sandwiches may be the best things I’ve eaten at Olive Garden -- and as a former unlimited pasta pass owner, that’s saying a lot.