Online Backlash Over Newlywed Blogger's Vow to 'Stay Hot' for Her Husband

Critics blast newlywed's marital advice.

— -- A newlywed blogger's outlook on marriage has sparked controversy online.

Amanda Lauren posted an article titled "Staying Hot for My Husband Is Essential to a Successful Marriage."

The Los Angeles resident's post came just weeks after her nuptials to Ethan Kass, vowing to "stay hot" for her husband and to "keep trying to look and feel" her best for him.

The writer's opinion is taking lots of heat from online readers. One woman said the article makes some women feel "their looks make them unworthy of long-term love."

"Having an attractive wife makes him happy. They say 'happy wife, happy life,' but I’m happiest when my husband is happy" she posted.

One comment challenging the newlywed's opinion wrote, "Come back when you’ve been married a few years."

But despite being new at it, Lauren told ABC News, "this is what works for my own marriage."

She added "I think I will feel the same way in 40 years."

But such views can be problematic because, as Los Angeles relationship expert Jess Carbino put it, "no one gets a divorce and cites attractiveness."

Lauren admits her marriage is more traditional than most millennials’, but Carbino believes the article was "really out of touch with that millennials today desire in relationships."

Still, Lauren says, "I feel being your best self is essential for a successful marriage," calling her message one of empowerment.

At least one reader agreed with the opinion Lauren expressed in her article.

"Totally agree. Hopefully it works both ways," one commenter wrote. "I'm not a fan of ppl who let themselves go just because they have landed themselves a partner."

Another reader said he appreciated Lauren's sentiment, but hopes her husband does not have that expectation of her.

"I appreciate the vow to stay hot for your husband,” he wrote. “I hope your husband appreciates that you shouldn't need to do it.”