Parents-to-be announce baby's gender with 187-foot Ferris wheel

“It really showed me how much he loves me and takes care of me."

— -- Proud dad-to-be Matt Ostergaard wanted a grand gesture to not only “light up the sky” with his baby’s gender reveal for friends and family, but also to lift his fiancee’s spirits.

He arranged for the 187-foot-tall SkyWheel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, to illuminate pink for their announcement.

“Initially I was trying to do the Empire State Building and they emailed me back saying they didn’t do private events,” Ostergaard of East Windsor, New Jersey, told ABC News. “But I guaranteed her I was still going to light up the sky pink for her. I didn’t want to give up.”

His fiancee, Adrianna Zbik, had been pregnant with twins but lost one of the babies and was feeling depressed.

“It put her in a real funk, but I was telling her it’s a happy time and we still have one blessing there,” said Ostergaard, 36. “I can’t even fathom where her mind was because it hurts. It was a lot for her to go through.”

His family has a vacation home in South Carolina and Zbik had never been, so he knew it would be the perfect opportunity to put a smile on her face with the 20-story celebration.

“The entire gesture was for her. I just wanted her to get excited about this,” he explained. “I wanted to get her out of what she was going through and make her smile.”

Needless to say, his plan worked.

“It really showed me how much he loves me and takes care of me and his family,” Zbik, 29, told ABC News. “He really is a family man. When you look at him, he’s covered in tattoos and you wouldn’t think that’s his personality, but he has a heart of gold and that’s just who he is.”

Rachel Beckerman, the operations manager of SkyWheel, was happy to make Ostergaard’s wishes for his fiancée a reality. The couple’s story hit home with her.

“He contacted me and shared his story and it really touched my heart,” Beckerman told ABC News. “I’ve also personally lost a child, so it really touched me. I really wanted to make this special for both of them because I know how much something like that can really rock your whole perception and your world. Anything we could have done to make this moment be special meant the world to me on a personal level.”

The soon-to-be parents enjoyed a ride on the SkyWheel after their photo shoot, ecstatic with how their photo shoot and reveal announcement worked out.

“He is always supportive and always doing things to make the pregnancy better on me,” said Zbik. “I couldn’t ask for a better person to go through this with.”

Their daughter, whom they plan to name Mila, is due on Christmas Eve.