Courtesy Jake Wissell
  • Gunner and Lua

    Gunner and Lua
    Both strays and sent to Orange County Animal Services of Orlando, Florida. "We went to the shelter to meet him [Gunner] and when we interacted with him, we were immediately in love -- he had so much spunk. In May of 2015, we adopted Lua. Her owner had abandoned and betrayed her and there she was in a municipal animal shelter -- a shy, black, adult, Pitbull-type dog. She loves playing with Gunner." -- Elissa DeCampli and Lucas Jovita, Winter Park, Florida.
    Courtesy Elissa DeCampli
  • Lucy

    Rescued from the streets, brought to Cherokee County Animal Shelter in Canton, Georgia. "When we got inside the only dog left was Lucy. She's real smart, she loves playing with the kids. I'm very happy that she got to come home with us. Me, I can't stand any dog being in a shelter really. When we get home, we get jumped on right away, but we don't mind. I get hugs and kisses every time I walk through the door. She's turned out to be the best dog we ever had." -- Jake Wissell, Cartersville, Georgia.
    Courtesy Jake Wissell
  • Joy

    Hurricane Sandy survivor, rescued by ASPCA of New York City. "Joy is an amazing little purr-monster. She is a formerly feral cat who now meows and comes up to nuzzle when I walk in the door and can commonly be found sitting right behind me on the ledge of the couch when I am grading papers and working. She has been a perfect companion, no rebellion, no resistance, just keeps on purring," -- Robert Curran, Brooklyn, New York.
    Courtesy ASPCA
  • Janey

    Rescued from Kentucky, brought to Heartland Animal Shelter of Northbrook, Illinois. "One thing that was unusual about her is that she would not go up or down stairs inside a building. She has this real fear. She must have had a terrible experience that made her afraid. Janey follows me everywhere. It's great and I love it. I don't know much about her accept she's incredibly appreciative and loving dog and it's been a wonderful month." Tom Wood, Lake Blusa, Illinois.
    Nadine Rozowsky/Best Dog Photography
  • Patriot

    Starved and abused, rescued by ASPCA of New York City. "Patriot is honestly the sweetest thing in the world. All he wants is to love others and be loved! And that exudes from him the moment you meet him -- which is why we love him so much and decided to adopt him." --Micah Zucker, New York, New York.
    Courtesy Micah Zucker
  • Ollie

    Stray rescued from Puerto Rico, brought to Bidawee Shelter in Westhampton, New York. "Every time Alex and I come home to Ollie's little face, we melt. The best decision we have ever made was to get this pup. We hope he feels the same way about us." - Ellen Darlington and Alex Drinker, Brooklyn, New York.
    Courtesy Bidawee Shelter
  • Curious George

    Curious George
    Surrendered twice in 10 years to Delaware SPCA. "He's just adorable. He's very laid back. He just wants to hang out with you. If I leave the room he follows me everywhere. He's been a great addition to the family. We wanted him to enjoy his retirement years." - Allison Kachinsky, St. Georges, Delaware.
    Courtesy Allison Kachinsky
  • Edith

    Stray rescued from Baltimore, MD, sent to Delaware SPCA. "The joy of having her around, her little antics that would make us smile -- it was something that we felt we were missing. Behaviorally she was perfect. She really just fit right into our home." -- Michelle Livizos, Wilmington, Delaware.
    Courtesy Delaware SPCA