Brandon Hill
  • Madd Scooter

    Madd Scooter
    Seattle based concept and editorial photographer Brandon Hill likes to draw laughter form his viewers with his work. In his ongoing series, "MaddStunts!," he takes his son, Maddex, on surreal adventures in their home and throughout Seattle. Hill says "Like his father, Maddex is an avid scooterist. He enjoys the sunny summers of Seattle in the Olympic Manor neighborhood."
    Brandon Hill
  • Madd Crib

    Madd Crib
    Hill has come up with fun captions that help illustrate Maddex's created adventures. For this image, he says: "Instead of progressing from crawling to walking, Maddex decided a tight-rope exercise would be more fun."
    Brandon Hill
  • Madd Tree

    Madd Tree
    "Sometimes, Maddex likes to just hang out."
    Brandon Hill
  • Madd Kitchen

    Madd Kitchen
    "Look Mom, no feet!"
    Brandon Hill
  • Hill says "Maddex always enjoys looking at the Seattle tourists from on high."
    Brandon Hill
  • Madd Jumper

    Madd Jumper
    "This new toy has springs, how can I make the most of them?"
    Brandon Hill
  • Madd Gumwall

    Madd Gumwall
    "Maddex visiting the famous Seattle Gumwall; it's a site you want to stick to your schedule."
    Brandon Hill
  • Madd and his Dad

    Madd and his Dad
    "A non-MaddStunts photo of Maddex and his Dad thinking up our next stunt challenge to take on." For more from Brandon Hill and Maddex, visit his <a href="" target="_blank">website</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Instagram</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Twitter</a> and keep an eye out for a book of Maddex's adventures in the future.
    Brandon Hill