Pit Bull and Pup Reunited After Being Rescued From Dump Site

A woman found the puppy nearly one block from the mother and reunited the two.

— -- Judy Obregon, commonly known as the "dog lady," rescued an abandoned pit bull mother and puppy from Echo Lake Park -- a notorious dumping ground for unwanted dogs -- two weeks ago.

Obregon, founder and president of The Abandoned Ones -- an animal rescue organization in Fort Worth, Texas -- frequents the dump site in search of discarded animals in need of a loving home.

Obregon told ABC News she found the pit bull severely emaciated and covered in fleas. She took the dog to her car and shortly after found the puppy about a block away.

The puppy couldn't wait to be reunited with his mother, Obregon said. The pup was fed in the car and the pair quickly fell asleep together, she said.

The mother was appropriately named Hope and the puppy, Future, according to Obregon. Both will be up for adoption soon.