Pizza Perfume Is Now a Thing

Do you love pizza? No, like, really love pizza?

Jan. 31, 2014— -- Do you love pizza? No, like, really love pizza? Or do you just want to blend into the smells of your Super Bowl party this weekend?

It's your lucky day then, because pizza perfume is now a thing.

"It's obviously a little weird," said Mark Crames, the CEO of Demeter Fragrance Library, the company that makes the perfume.

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That's a big statement coming from a man who runs a company with fragrances like Gin & Tonic and Dirt.

"I get an email at least once a day with someone asking why they would want to smell like dirt," he said. Crames explained however, that the smell of dirt can be (and in his fragrance is) beautiful. "We design fragrances inspired by real objects. You experience the emotional response." Scents like Clean Skin, Laundromat and Baby Powder are among the best sellers.

I tried the pizza perfume. It smells exactly like the inside of a pizza box. Several colleagues in the ABC News newsroom concurred, but didn’t find it alluring.

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There's no telling yet if pizza will unseat Clean Skin in popularity, but Crames said both the sales and customer feedback are strong so far.

"In the past we shied away from scents like pizza, bacon, gun powder and blood, thinking they were not wearable," he said. But then Pizza Hut in Canada created a pizza scent as a promotional stunt and people went crazy for it. "I realized, we are the leader, we set the trend and if people moving past us we are missing the boat."

The pizza perfume is available now on the company web site and will be available later this year at some Duane Reade and Walgreen's drug stores. It sells for $15 - $20.