Sex Every Day for a Month? Utah Couple’s Experiment Leads to Greater Intimacy

Sex every day for a month was their way of regaining intimacy in their marriage.

August 7, 2014, 9:52 AM

— -- With small children, hectic jobs and busy schedules, Meg Conley and Riley Bingham, both 29, worried they were losing touch with each other.

When Conley realized that she and her husband hadn’t touched each other for about eight days, she said that was “crazy” for them. He agreed.

“I thought, you know, I -- how can you miss someone that you sleep next to and that you spend all your days with, but, yet, you still somehow miss them?" Bingham said.

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That’s when Conley came up with an experiment to get that spark back into their marriage of eight years.

"He got home from work that night and I was like, 'What if we just have sex every night for the next month?' And he was like, 'Yeah! What if we do?'” she recalled, laughing. “So, so, so we did!"

Bingham said the idea made him feel as though he’d “hit the lottery."

“I dropped my bag out of shock,” he added.

The pair stopped watching reruns on Netflix after their children -- daughters Margaret, 5, and Viola, 2 -- went to bed and instead, they started reconnecting with each other.

The Provo, Utah, couple had sex every night for 30 days.

Asked whether she ever felt too tired to keep her promise, Conley admitted that she did.

“There were times where I would have to look in the bathroom mirror and, like, psych myself up, like, 'You can do this!” she said. “And then, after two weeks – I, I craved it.”

“At the end of the day, under the bills, the mortgage, the years, the kids, he's that same boy that you fell in love with and you're that same girl. And you get to have that spark,” she said.

Experiment Brings Better Communication

Conley wrote about her experiment on her blog, Meg in Progress, at the end of 2012, and it struck a chord with other couples. Some said her idea was brilliant, while others felt it was oversimplified, but Conley and Bingham felt it was just what they needed.

"It added excitement,” Conley said. “He would come home from work and he'd come into the kitchen, like, pick me up and twirl me around. It felt like we were kids again and we were, we were talking more to each other. Our communication - those lines, like, really opened up. We got on the same team again."

Bingham agreed.

“We did talk a lot more. We became much more generous, less selfish," he said.

They’re no longer having sex every day, but they still figure out ways to show their affection to each other.

"We still make it a point to be intimate every day, whether it’s hand-holding or kissing ... or, something that's just her and I, where we feel close, no matter how long the day is - it's just us," Bingham said.

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