Son Tapes His Parents' Entire House in Massive Prank

VIDEO: Son Tapes His Parents Entire House in Massive
WATCH Son Tapes His Parents' Entire House in Massive Prank

This man might want to sleep with one eye open after the stunt he pulled on his travel-weary parents.

Jonathan Harchick, of Pittsburgh, used more than 60 miles of tape to prank his unsuspecting parents. While they were away traveling Europe, he covered their entire house in tape, making for one sticky surprise upon their arrival back home.

“I thought they were going to be a lot more mad, but they were just really tired,” Harchick said of his parents’ shockingly subdued reactions.

Their pranking son spent about $800 on tape to pull off the epic stunt, but they’re used to it. He makes videos like this for a living.

“It took about two days,” said Harchick. “A couple people drove past and I guess they took pictures and emailed it to my brother. He just told them his brother was doing something.”

The cleanup, however, was the worst part of all.

“I did most of it that night. But there was so much trash,” he explained. “We split it up. They wouldn’t take all of it in one week so we split it up. There was just so much. We split it up for them to pick up in three different weeks.”

Apparently pranking runs in the family. Harchick said his dad, Ted, “does small pranks but nothing on a big scale like this.”