Stranger Saves the Day After Wedding Photographer Is a No-Show

A Michigan wedding photographer recreated the day for strangers.

— -- A photographer's selfless gesture of kindness toward a complete stranger has resulted in a beautiful story, gorgeous photos and a lifelong friendship.

When Dana Gruszynski, a photographer from Bay City, Mich., heard from her cousin that a wedding photographer never showed up at a friend's wedding, Gruszynski -- a photographer herself -- said she felt terrible.

And she decided to do something to help.

She reached out to the bride, Heather Koehler of Auburn, Mich., and offered her services. Gruszynski initially imagined she would take a few intimate photos of the happy couple. But as she got to know Heather and her husband Matt, she realized she wanted to do more.

"They're just beautiful people inside and out," Gruszynski said.

Gruszynski decided to do her best to recreate the wedding -- complete with family, bridal party, bouquet and cake -- for the photos.

Koehler said that she found out her own photographer was a no-show just minutes before she was to walk down the aisle at her Sept. 12 wedding.

“I didn’t know what to think," she told ABC News. "I didn’t want to be upset walking down the aisle. But it was in the back of my head all night. People were taking photos with their phoned and everything."

Not only did Gruszynski offer her services at no charge, she paid for many of the decorations out of her own pocket.

“We just clicked so well,” Gruszynski said, “I wanted to do something more for [Koehler].”

Gruszynski even played Koehler's wedding song as she walked down the aisle, once again in her wedding dress.

In addition to the beautiful photos, Gruszynski and Koehler now call each other friends. “We talk every night,” Koehler said.