Students Surprise Spanish Teacher With Hilarious Video of His Daily Greeting

The video of Andrew Ward saying "Buenos dias!" every day has now gone viral.

— -- When Andrew Ward walks into his Spanish class at Turner High School in Kansas City, Kansas, he greets his students with a boisterous: "Buenos dias!"

Each day it's a little different. Some times he's wearing a sombrero, other times he's tapped another teacher to help him. But his words remain the same: "Buenos dias!"

Two graduating seniors, Taylor Rios and Bella Gordillo, taped Señor Ward greeting the class in his customary Spanish-language greeting for two months and presented him with a compilation video on the final day of class.

"I was embarrassed," Ward told ABC News when he saw the hilarious video, which has now gone viral with more than 400,000 views on Facebook.

"I realized I only wore a variety of maybe five shirts," he quipped. "Like, really you guys?"

Ward, who has been teaching Spanish for 17 years, said he begins his class with a huge "buenos dias" for two reasons.

"I like to start the class off that way and put the kids into a Spanish mindset. It's also a boost of energy at the beginning of the period," he explained. "It also puts me in the mindset too. It helps."

The teacher, who has traveled all over Europe along with Spain, Mexico and Argentina, said he loves teaching at Turner because his students are fun.

"I have a lot of really enthusiastic students ... who are curious and like to do projects and explore and learn together and make it enjoyable for me. It keeps me hanging on," he added.