Texas cop plays hopscotch with young girl during his break

When the girl waved at the cop, he decided to hop into action and play a game of hopscotch with her.PlayLyle Gensler
WATCH Texas cop plays hopscotch with young girl during his break

In an age of iPads and debates over the proper amount of "screen time" for children, it can be a nostalgic sight to see a child playing hopscotch.

On Wednesday, Detective Lyle Gensler was on his lunch break when he noticed a little girl playing the old-fashioned game on a sidewalk in Grand Prairie, Texas. He decided to join in the fun and shared a video of the two on his Twitter page.

Lenser, who works for the Grand Prairie Police Department, told Storyful that he waved at the girl while he drove by. When she waved back, he decided to get out of his car and play the game with her.

The officer is a former Marine and mentions on his Twitter biography that he tries to show "the human side of [his] profession."

In hopscotch, numbers are written in either squares or triangles in a particular design on the sidewalk. Players will toss a small item, like a rock, onto the hopscotch numbers. The goal is to hop onto the squares, pick up the item, and then hop through the rest of the squares without falling, skipping a square or stepping on a line.

As seen in the video, the little girl started the first round, but unfortunately tipped over when trying to pick up the object she had thrown. Like a true athlete, though, she continued to hop through the rest of the squares. Lenser showed her how it's supposed to done by balancing on his right foot as he bent over to snatch up the item and complete the game.