Why this Texas woman is proud of this photo, loose skin included

PHOTO: Jordan Kirkham calls her photo a "non-scale victory." PlayJordan Kirkham
WATCH Why this Texas woman is proud of this photo, loose skin included

It took about 10 seconds for a Texas woman to change her mind from "no way" to "right now" about posting a swimsuit photo of herself on social media.

Jordan Kirkham of Bastrop, Texas, told ABC News she's lost about 140 pounds since her weight-loss journey began. As a result, she has excess skin.

It was that loose skin that first caught her attention when she saw the recent photo her mother-in-law snapped of her and her husband in the pool. But thinking back on the moment, and what her husband whispered to her as he carried her out of the pool, she decided to focus on the positive.

"He said to me, 'I can carry my wife, pretend it's our wedding night and I'm carrying you over the threshold,'" Kirkham said. That's what she calls a "non-scale victory."

"He's never been able to carry me before," she said. "And he just picked me up and carried me out the stairs of the pool."

She shared her photo on Instagram, where it's been liked almost 50,000 times.

Kirkham said that while "90 percent" of the comments have been very supportive, there have been a few detractors. But she said, "If you don't like it, you don't have to look."

Since her weight loss, Kirkham said she has much more energy to keep up with her two boys, 3 and 11 months. "It used to be hard to get out of bed," she said of when she was more than 300 pounds. "Now we go on walks, play football, go to the zoo, anything they want to do."

She hopes people won't be scared off by loose skin to start their weight-loss journey and has started a GoFundMe to try to fund her removal surgery, which will likely cost between $10,000 to $20,000. "It's not pretty, but I'd rather have 10 to 20 pounds of loose skin than 100 pounds of fat weighing me down."