Toddler Steals Hearts With Epic Reaction to Nailing Bottle Flip

Samantha Rogers, 2, learned the trick from her two older brothers.

— -- One 2-year-old's joyful reaction to her successful bottle flip is taking the internet by storm.

Samantha Rogers, daughter of Matt Rogers, host of “Home and Family” on Hallmark Channel, was filmed by her dad on Dec. 23 nailing her little party trick.

"As a dad, it’s super exciting," Rogers, 38, told ABC News. "This is my first and only baby girl. I yell at her older brothers to stop flipping water bottles in my house. They taught her and said, 'Dad, watch' and I said, 'No way.' We were just sitting eating dinner and I pulled out my phone to record it. Her reaction was priceless."

"They have set the bar and the standards for kids with CF," Rogers said. "They are doing phenomenal. We do believe that our kids are going to outlive us. You don’t know what tomorrow holds. Just two days ago nobody had a clue who baby Sam was and now her video has been seen by millions."

In the footage, it only takes Samantha two tries to flip a water bottle and land it upright onto the table. Her thrilling response drew in over 50 million people in 48 hours, Rogers said.

"Her personality and attitude are off-the-charts awesome," Rogers added of his daughter. "She is like that all the time. Just seeing her reaction, I think it could really inspire people. That’s my main goal."