Top 7 Pet Names Inspired by the Founding Fathers

Can you guess what patriotic names inspire most dog and cat owners across U.S.?

July 4, 2014— -- Move over, Spot. Some of the most popular dog and cat names chosen by American pet owners are in homage to our country's founding fathers, according to a new list.

Trupanion, a provider of pet insurance, recently analyzed its database of insured pets to determine which patriotic names are given the most to dogs and cats. The findings revealed that the founding fathers of the United States carried the most influence.

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Of the top seven names inspired by "the founding fathers," Madison represented 57 percent of the share, though no pets were named James Madison, the Trupanion list notes.

"Franklin was a close second, with 31 percent, including two cats and three dogs named Benjamin Franklin,” noted a spokeswoman for Trupanion.

Despite his ubiquitous face gracing dollar bills everywhere, George Washington is the namesake for just 1 percent, "with an additional four named Washington," said the spokeswoman. "Jefferson held 4 percent, with two cats named Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Jefferson Jr.”

The resulting list comprises the Top 7 Pet Names Inspired by Founding Fathers

1. Madison

2. Franklin

3. Hamilton

4. Jefferson

5. Washington

6. Hancock

7. Adams

Other patriotic names that figured prominently among cats and dogs in the U.S., according to Trupanion, included America, Patriot, Fireworks, Flag, and Eagle.