Tradesy App Lets Users Make Money Selling Clothes From Smartphones

Your closet just might be a goldmine.

— -- If you need extra cash for the holidays, your closet just might be a goldmine.

The Tradesy app lets users sell new and gently used clothes and accessories quickly and safely through an app on their smartphone.

Marken Greenwood of Palos Verdes, California, for instance, needs to make room in her closet. Shopping's a passion for her, even if she only wears things once; like the "fun" pair of shoes she loves but is looking to sell.

There are plenty of other items stuffed into her closet that she has only worn once, if at all. Like the skirt that "just doesn't really work for me in my life," she said.

Greenwood is an aspiring actress hoping to make money from Tradesy, an app and website that could help her turn clothes into cash.

"The idea to getting to use some of my shopoholic tendencies towards a money-making proposition is a good thing," she said.

"When someone buys something that you're selling, we send you a prepaid and pre-addressed shipping kit, so you don't even need to leave the house to ship," Tradesy CEO Tracy Dinunzio said.

Here's how it works: Take a few photos of the unwanted item with your smartphone and upload it to the Tradesy app with a description of the clothing or accessory. Tradesy does the rest, including suggesting a selling price and shipping.

"One thing that makes Tradesy a little different from the other websites is it authenticates every designer item, whether it be a coat like this one or a handbag," Dinunzio said. "We offer 100 per cent money back guarantee that it's all authentic designer fashion."

But all this convenience does not come for free. Tradesy takes a 9 percent commission on the items sold, which, the company said, is a smaller percentage than similar sites. But for Greenwood, it's worth it to get the money and buy some holiday gifts.

"Making some extra money right now would be great," she said.