Spotify Turkey Timer Will Give You the Perfect Playlist While Your Bird Cooks

Enter details about your bird and get the perfect playlist while it cooks.

— -- Just in time for Turkey Day, Spotify has launched a tool that will create a custom playlist to last the duration of your bird's predicted cooking time.

It's the perfect opportunity to torch some calories with a Thanksgiving dance party ahead of the big feast.

The turkey timer is based on the USDA's roasting time table. Simply enter how much your bird weighs and whether its stuffed or unstuffed.

Next, choose from one of six genres, including "Family Time," "Feeling Thankful," and "Club Kitchen." Spotify will then serve up the perfect Thanksgiving playlist while your bird cooks.

The playlist will get you through the cooking time, however Spotify has a warning: "Please take care -- baste, check and check again. No matter how hot the music, an undercooked turkey will kill the party."

Because this Thanksgiving, it's all about that baste.

Check out the turkey timer here.