This Ugly Christmas Sweater Shop in Texas Hires Employees Based on Their Dance Moves

The owner said he wanted employees who were "willing to have fun."

He had them submit a video of their best dance moves, reported ABC affiliate WFAA in Dallas.

"We found a lot of great people that way," said Jeremy Turner, owner of the holiday pop-up shop business.

"All you had to do was dance," he told WFAA. "It showed us you were willing to have fun."

Turner received dozens of videos from high school students looking for part-time work, and even one from a 69-year-old retired teacher. "When he stopped laughing, he said, 'You’re hired'’ recalled Diane McCusker. She told WFAA she loves her job.

"I don’t have kids to make me Christmas-y," she said, "so what a great way to interact with all of these people."

McCusker told WFAA she hopes to work at the seasonal store for the rest of her life.

"I’ll be selling sweaters on a walker," she joked.