Watch a Tow Truck Save a Horse Trapped in a Well

Usually when the tow truck comes, it's not good news. This time was different.

— -- The dramatic rescue of a horse trapped in a well wouldn't have been possible without the help of the one vehicle people usually dread to see: the tow truck.

The well had likely caved in on Daisy as she walked over it, said Dr. Jesse Vargo, the veterinarian from Corman Park Veterinary Services in Saskatchewan, Canada, who treated the horse.

Her owners usually feed her around 5 p.m. but couldn't find her, Vargo said. Eventually they found her stuck in the well, with her head and front legs out. Vargo said he arrived about two hours later and his best guess is that with that information and how tired Daisy seemed, she had been there for several hours.

A horse might be rescued with a front-load tractor, Vargo said, but Daisy was too big for the tractor on the property. It was her size though, that likely kept the horse from injuring herself seriously.

"She wasn't able to kick out her hind legs, she was just so wedged in," Vargo said. It was Daisy's owner who had the idea to call a tow truck company once they ran out of other ideas. It was Brad's towing company that came to the rescue.