Woman Redeems 22-Year-Old Disney Pass She Never Used at Age 4

The old pass was found in the basement.

On April 23, Chelsea Herline, 27, of San Francisco, decided to try her luck with a 22-year-old, unused day pass at the gates to Disney's Magic Kingdom.

The park employees were so astounded by the 1994 ticket that they allowed her to redeem it, she said.

"[The employee] was so nice about it," Herline recalled. "She said, 'Wow, this is a really old ticket.' She had to call her manager to help convert it to an electronic ticket, and from a child ticket to an adult ticket."

Herline added: "I just went around to all of the big rides -- Splash Mountain, It's a Small World. We have a family joke that when I was little, I fell asleep on the ride. So this time, I took a picture of myself, sent it to my parents, said I had two cups of coffee and was ready to go."

Herline was 4 years old when her parents brought her and her two older sisters to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Each family member received a "4-Day Park Hopper" pass, but on the last day, Herline got sick and never used the last day on her pass.

Then, this year, Chelsea said her father stumbled upon her pass.

"My dad had it in our safe in our basement, for some reasons, after all these years," Herline said. "We happened to have a trip planned and he surprised me with the ticket. He didn't think that I would actually try and use it. It was kind of a joke."

While vacationing in Orlando with her family, Herline successfully redeemed the pass and toured the Magic Kingdom as she did over two decades ago.

"I think a lot of people can relate...everybody loves Disney World and it makes everyone feel nostalgic," Chelsea said. "It's kind of a happy story."

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