4 Workouts to Watch Out For in 2016

The hottest ways to get fit in 2016.

— -- intro: New year, new you, new workout. That's the mantra of many come January. If your tried-and-true workout has grown stagnant, check out these still under-the-radar ways to get in shape.

quicklist: 1title: Group Rowing Classesurl: http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/transformation-tuesday-group-rowing-classes/story?id=34373130text: Move over SoulCycle, there’s a new studio workout coming to town.

Group rowing studios are popping up around the nation and enthusiasts say the trend is all about getting back to basics.

"Rowing used to be the most popular sport in the U.S.," said Eric von Frohlich, co-founder and owner of Row House in New York City. "I think there’s this resurgence coming back, finding the things that really work, the things that are really authentic, and we’ve tapped into that and we’re riding that wave."

No longer the dusty machine in the gym corner, rowing is having a major resurgence, even among people who’ve never been on a machine before. Row House is so popular, Von Frohlich said, that classes are often sold out.media: 34591748

quicklist: 2title: Dogaurl: http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/doga-pairs-yoga-mans-best-friend/story?id=35898283text:If dogs and yoga both help lower stress, why not combine them for finding balance? Though actually balancing -- say on one leg -- is definitely more difficult while holding a wiggly pooch in your arms, the concept of Doga is catching on.

One instructor explained that the dogs in doga become props and even weights in some yoga poses.

Bonus: added time with your precious pooch. media: 35904177

Brittany Holtz, founder of Studio B Power Yoga in Annville, Pa., said when the fluffy stuff hits the ground this season she plans to lead a 45-minute outdoor snowga class. Snowga is great, Holtz said, for those who want to increase their balance, focus, concentration and muscle toning. That's because most snowga classes typically focus on holding, standing or balancing poses such as the tree pose, eagle pose, dancers pose or warrior pose.

Snowga participants are encouraged to bundle up with typical winter wear: coats, hats, gloves, socks and boots. "The great thing about the snow and the layers, is if you fall, there's a lot of cushion there, so it adds to that fun element," Holtz added.media: 35560958

quicklist: 4title: Treadmill classesurl:text: Running used to be a solitary sport, but that's no longer necessarily true. More and more gyms are offering treadmill classes with a similar vibe to the spin classes that dominated 2015. Think speed and incline intervals set to music under the control of an instructor.

NYC has a dedicated indoor running studio called the Mile High Run Club, where 45-minute classes that include not only running, but kettlebells and bodyweight moves. Indoor running classes might be the cold-weather solution for those who love to run but hate the inclement weather of winter. media: 35932829