Alexander Marquardt

Alexander Marquardt is an award-winning foreign correspondent for ABC News, reporting for all ABC News broadcasts and platforms from hotspots and front lines around the world.

Based in Jerusalem and then Beirut, Marquardt has spent most of the past several years covering the Middle East's upheaval and the ramifications beyond. He was the first American network correspondent in Cairo as the Egyptian revolution took off in 2011 before going on to report on the Libyan uprising. Marquardt has made numerous trips to Syria to cover the ongoing war, on both the rebel and regime sides. In 2012 and 2014 he was among the first journalists to go into in the Gaza Strip to report on the wars with Israel.

Marquardt’s reporting has taken him farther afield to Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. He was on the ground in Johannesburg when Nelson Mandela died, in Paris for the Charlie Hebdo massacre and, recently, in Nepal for the devastating earthquake and Europe for the migrant and refugee crisis.

Before living in the Middle East, Marquardt covered Russia and Central Asia from Moscow.  He has won Emmy and Edward R. Murrow awards for reporting from Libya and an undercover investigation into child sex trafficking in the Philippines.

Marquardt came to ABC News in 2009 from CNN, where he covered the 2008 presidential election on the campaign trail as an "embedded" off-air reporter with a number of different candidates, including then-senators Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Prior to joining CNN, Marquardt was an anchor and correspondent at Channel One News, after getting his start in television news as a page at NBC following graduation from Georgetown University.