First Lady Michelle Obama Plants Her Last White House Garden

PHOTO: First lady Michelle Obama and NASA astronaut Cady Coleman plant vegetables during the eight annual White House Kitchen Garden planting on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, April 5, 2016.PlayPablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Photo
WATCH Meet the Students Who get to Plant the White House Kitchen Garden with FLOTUS

First Lady Michelle Obama hosted her last garden-planting event at the White House today, an event that has become personal for her.

“It was eight years ago that we cooked up this really interesting idea that maybe we could dig up some dirt on the South Lawn ... maybe somebody would let us do that, and we would plant a wonderful garden that would be a space for us to talk about the food we eat,” she recalled.

What began as a way to encourage kids to eat healthy ultimately transitioned into the first lady’s signature “Let’s Move” campaign, which is "dedicated to solving the problem of obesity within a generation," according to the initiative's website.

And although it is Obama's last year in the White House, she hopes the tradition will not end.

“This is my baby. And hopefully, this will not be the last planting,” she said. “Hopefully, there will be other administrations who come in and they take up this project and continue to make this a part of the White House tradition.”

This year, the kids were joined by astronaut Cady Coleman in honor of “sister lettuce” being planted in the White House garden and on the International Space Station.

“We understand that there is some gardening going on up in the space station right now,” Obama said. “And we may be doing -- some sister planting going on here.”

In addition to children from Colorado, Wisconsin, and Louisiana, Obama also invited back children from Bancroft Elementary who helped plant her first garden in 2009.

In celebration of the final planting, the first lady followed up her most popular Vine in White House history, "Turnip for What?," with another "turnip" video, featuring a cameo by NBA star Stephen Curry and his wife.

The video was filmed in February when the Golden State Warriors visited the White House.

Starting Thursday, the first lady will surprise gardens across the country to encourage community gardening.

ABC News’ Alex Mallin contributed to this report.