Did a Long Trip Ruin -- or Improve -- Your Relationship?

Shortly after getting married, Mike and Alanna Clear of London decided to take the road trip of a lifetime -- and put their young love to the test. They tackled the world's longest road -- the Pan American Highway, a 29,800-mile trek from Alaska to Argentina -- while riding on a motorcycle with a sidecar.

The Clears wanted to find out how the trip would affect their feelings for one another. They even had brain scans before and after their trip to measure for levels of three kinds of love -- romantic, sexual and attachment.

Most people don't have the advantage of brain scans to measure how their feelings have changed. But plenty of us have taken long road trips with a sidekick -- friend, spouse, significant other, partner, love interest, family member, even pet -- that changed our relationships for good.

Have you had a travel experience that changed the way you felt about your traveling companion? Leave us a comment!