Vote for the Winning Caption!

After looking (and laughing) at the great captions submitted, we've finally boiled it down to three. Now it's time to vote on which one you like the best.

What do you think Queen Elizabeth is saying to President Bush? Cast your vote for the winning caption. On Thursday May 17, the winner will be announced on the "Nightline Now" webcast and the winning photo and caption will be posted on the "Nightline" page at

1. "It's probably a freckle. Just the same, I'd 'av a doctor give it a look."
- Russell M. Reid, Chicago, IL

2. "Yes, I am aware I'm exactly the same age as Mr. Hefner. And no, I have never "hooked up" with him in the Grotto."
- Randy Lee, Burke, VA

3. It's pronounced "colonies," dear, not "colonoscopies."
- Chad Durbec, Camas, WA

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