2016 Candidates React to Obama's Gun Control Measures

Presidential candidates reacted strongly to Obama’s demands.

— -- In a lengthy and emotional speech today, President Obama announced executive actions for “common sense” gun control. The measures include clarification of an existing law on background checks and gun dealer registration as well as new investments in mental health and gun safety research.

Presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle reacted strongly to Obama’s demands.

"It's become clear that no mass shooting, no matter how big or bloody, will inspire Republicans to put children and innocent Americans over the interests of the NRA. They are simply more loyal to gun lobbyists than our children,” the statement reads. “That's why I support President Obama's executive actions to make our communities safer.”

Sen. Marco Rubio said Obama is "obsessed" with "undermining" the second amendment.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, in an op-ed piece in Cedar Rapid’s newspaper, The Gazette, accused Obama of “trampling on the Second Amendment.” In the piece, Bush slammed Obama and Clinton for “[seizing] on every opportunity to advance a gun-grabbing agenda.” Bush vows to repeal the president’s executive orders “on Day One” if elected.

Bush echoed his vow to repeal Obama's executive orders on Twitter.

At a campaign rally in Iowa today, Sen. Ted Cruz dismissed Obama’s proposals as “not worth the paper they are printed on.”

“When you live by the pen, you die by the pen and my pen has got an eraser,” he said.

Cruz also took to Twitter to express his disapproval.

Carly Fiorina shared her reaction on Twitter just minutes before Obama’s announcement.

Martin O'Malley shared his support for Obama's plan and stressed that "one life is worth more than all gun sales."