2024 presidential primary delegate tracker: Who's winning, who isn't

Delegates are based on who earns the most votes in primaries and caucuses.

January 15, 2024, 3:00 PM

The 2024 presidential primary is underway, and ABC News is tracking candidates as they race to clinch their respective party's nominations.

Throughout the process, which begins on Monday night with Iowa's Republican caucuses and will continue through June, states will award delegates based on how voters cast their ballots.

Delegates are often allocated on a proportional basis based on performance, or in a winner-takes-all approach where the candidate who wins the most votes in a primary receives all available delegates in that state.

In the Republican primary, a candidate will need to clinch 1,215 of the 2,429 delegates up for grabs to win the nomination.

In the Democratic primary, a candidate will need to win 1,968 of the 3,934 pledged delegates awarded as part of the primary process.

The delegates will then gather at the respective party conventions, where the winners will be crowned.

The Republican National Convention will take place from July 15 to July 18 in Milwaukee, while the Democratic National Convention is set for Aug. 19 through Aug. 22 in Chicago.