The Most Awesomely Unusual Super PAC Names

From Why Not ZoidPAC to Mitt Is Mean, the most awesome Super PAC names.

ByABC News
July 25, 2012, 6:27 PM

July 26,2012 -- intro: What is the purpose of the So What ZoidPAC? Which candidate does the Sam vs.The Machine Super PAC support? And why is Mitt Mean?

Just ask the Federal Elections Commission, where these and a plethora of other unusually named Super PACs have been officially formed. The 560 Super PACs registered with the FEC this election cycle can collect unlimited donations and spend their money to support whichever political candidate they want.

Here's a look at some of the most awesomely unusual Super PAC names and what these quirky groups are up to during the 2012 election.

quicklist: 7title: Why Not ZoidPAC?text: Total Raised: $0

Cash on Hand: $0

Purpose: Because he can.

Daniel Ben-David, a freshman physics major at MIT, created ZoidPAC in March because there was nothing stopping him.

"I was just sitting in my dorm room one night and said 'oh hell, why not?' It was almost frustratingly easy," Ben-David told CNN Money in March. "It cost no more than a 44 cent stamp and 5 pieces of paper."

Ben-David has since sent three letters to the Federal Election Commission "as a test" to see if the FEC actually posted the correspondence online, which it did.

In the letters Ben-David, who dubbed himself the President/Treasurer/Grand Poobah of Why Not ZoidPAC?, nicknames the FEC filer who has to post his letters "Fran" and says he will use the online filing system as "a way to submit positions and ideas to the public record on behalf of Why Not ZoidPAC."

Other awesomely unexplainable Super PAC names include:

- Americans for more Rhombus

- Just Drink the Koolaid

- Buck Up to Beef Up America

- The Dump Him Project

quicklist: 5title: Slam Dunks, Fireworks and Eagles Super PACtext: Total Raised: n/a

Cash on Hand: n/a

Purpose: Reduce the debt

Slam Dunks, Fireworks and Eagles Super PAC is a Washington, D.C.-based group of college students who are "deeply concerned" about growing federal deficits. On its website, the group explains its unusual name saying it wanted to "stand out."

"Our Super PAC loves America and what is more American than slam dunks, fireworks, and eagles?" the website says.

Like any good college students, the group wants to raise beer money. Only these beers would help return the country to fiscal stability by bringing together bipartisan members of Congress to talk through deficit reduction over a couple cold ones.

"In college you settle your differences by talking them out around beers; we hope to encourage our Congressmen to engage in this practice too."

Because Slam Dunks, Fireworks and Eagles is a brand new Super PAC – it officially formed in early June – it has not yet had to file donation reports.

quicklist: 6title: Mitt Is Mean – Animal Lovers Against Romney text: Total Raised: $248

Cash on Hand: $238

Purpose: Defeat Mitt Romney

Two decades ago Mitt Romney loaded his family's Irish setter Seamus into a dog crate, strapped the crate to the roof of the family station wagon and set out on 12-hour family vacation. It is step two in that story that the founders of Mitt Is Mean want every voter in the 2012 election to remember.

The group is one of four Super PACs formed by pet advocates to spread the Seamus story. The others include:

- Dogs Against Romney

- DogPAC

- I Ride Inside- The Pets Against Romney Committee

quicklist: 5title: Patriotic Americans for a More Patriotic and American Americatext: Total Raised: $0

Cash on Hand: $0