‘Texts From Hillary Clinton' founders call it quits

ByOlivier Knox
April 11, 2012, 6:09 PM

— -- We'll always have the "LOLZ": Like experienced party-goers who take their leave while they're still having fun, "Texts From Hillary" founders Stacy Lambe and Adam Smith announced Wednesday that they were pulling the plug on their popular Tumblr homage to Hillary Clinton one day after meeting the secretary of state.

"It's been an overwhelming -- and hilarious -- week for us here at Texts from Hillary (TFH)," they wrote in a farewell post entitled "TTYL" (talk to you later). "We think it's time to stop while we are ahead."

Lambe and Smith, who each received an autographed contribution to the site from Hillary herself, marveled that "what started as a joke at the bar between two friends" had become the talk of Washington--and beyond--for its witty depictions of Hillary Clinton exchanging text messages with power players in Washington and Hollywood stars. "As far as memes go — it has gone as far as it can go. Is it really possible to top a submission from the Secretary herself? No. But then when you get to text with her in real life — it's just over. At least for us. But we have no doubt it will live on with all of you on the Internet," they wrote.

Yahoo News  spoke with Lambe and Smith when the Tumblr launched about the project."The site is meant to be a compliment to Hillary. Hopefully, everyone gets that," Lambe told us via email.

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