Al Franken marks last day as US senator after sexual misconduct accusations

Tuesday marks the last day of Minnesota Democrat Al Franken's career as senator.

Franken, who served eight years as senator, was forced to resign after multiple women came forward late last year and accused him of sexual misconduct. Franken apologized several times, but ultimately announced his resignation after a wave of his Democratic colleagues urged him to step aside.

"You know, before I came to the Senate, I was known as something of an obsessive on the subject of honesty in public discourse," Franken said then. "But, as I leave the Senate, I have to admit that it feels like we are losing the war for truth. Maybe it’s already lost."

He urged his colleagues -- both Democrats and Republicans -- to seek the truth and stand up for a more honest debate.

"So what is to be done? Who will stand up and fight for a more honest debate -- to insist that, even though we have a different set of opinions, we cannot honorably advance our competing agendas unless we use the same set of facts?" Franken said.

"Well, I hope that my colleagues -— on both sides of the aisle -- will stand up for truth. The thing is, I have spent enough time with my Republican friends over the last eight and a half years to know that you are motivated by values, just like Democrats," Franken said. "I just hope that you will fight for those values forthrightly."