Bernie Sanders Leads Hillary Clinton by 9 Points in New Hampshire, New Poll Finds

It's the biggest lead for Sanders over Clinton.

This is Sanders’ biggest lead over Clinton and the second poll showing him on top in New Hampshire. At 32 percent, this is Clinton’s lowest support in the early primary state.

In a similar poll released in July by NBC/Marist, Clinton led Sanders by 10 points.

In the fellow early primary state of Iowa, it’s a different story.

According to the NBC/Marist poll, in Iowa, Clinton leads Sanders 38 to 27 percent, Biden has 20 percent, O’Malley is at 4 percent, Webb at 2 percent and Chafee at 1 percent.

Although Clinton is still leading in Iowa, a similar NBC/Marist poll from July shows Clinton has fallen 10 points and Sanders is up nine points. In total since the February poll, Clinton is down 30 points in Iowa. And at 20 percent this is also Biden’s highest mark this election cycle.