Where Bernie Sanders Leads, a Menagerie Canvasses

New Hampshire voters crowded to see animals campaign for Bernie Sanders.

MANCHESTER, NH— -- They’re moo-ving to the polls, all right.

Witness the Primary Day crowd on Elm Street today in Manchester, New Hampshire. But the people weren’t there to vote; they were waiting to see a group of animals, including cattle.

Bleu, a 3-year-old Scottish highlander, was canvassing for Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. Led by his owner, a farmer, Bleu walked along Elm Street giving rides and taking pictures with passersby.

Also outside was Bleu’s year-old brother, Bentley, a chicken named Sunshine and a pig named Tazzy D. Moo. Tazzy visited a hotel lobby to show his support for Sanders.

The animals support Sanders because he is a voice for those who are not wealthy "and we farmers are not wealthy," Bleu’s owner, Carole Soule, told ABC News.

She says that Bleu would want to be President Sanders’ secretary of moo.