Bill Clinton Addresses Confrontation With Benghazi Protesters at Rally

Since New Hampshire, it has been part of his stump to begin by apologizing.

“We’ve got to quit screaming at each other. It’s like that debate,” said Clinton. “I got interrupted twice on the day before the election, and the police almost tried to shut the people up. I said no, let them talk.”

The president regularly engages with protesters, and Friday’s event was no different. However, when local law enforcement tried to intervene, the protesters engaged in a shouting match with Clinton, who eventually told them to “shut up” so that he could address their concerns.

Today, the president persisted, “I said the only thing I ask is that when you make a point you let me answer. Guess what? They were trained never to let anyone answer. So I let them make their point twice, both of them, and I tried to answer and they just kept screaming because they were afraid of the answer. We can’t be like that.”

President Clinton is known to acknowledge and engage with protesters. His last campaign visit to Florida was repeatedly interrupted by a Donald Trump supporter who accused the president of taking Trump’s money, to which the president responded from his podium, “I certainly did. I took his money for my foundation and used it better than he’s using it now.”

The president kept his remarks brief today. Since New Hampshire, it has been part of his stump to begin by apologizing for his hoarseness, but today Clinton was even inaudible at times, fighting through cracks and squeaks in his voice.