Breaking Down the GOP Debate

Matt Dowd and LZ Granderson discuss what’s at stake with the second GOP debate.

Below is an edited transcript of the topics covered in the livestream.

On the state of the race:

LZ Granderson: I understand this desire, to want to have something different - a different voice and different perspective, but what’s disgusting to me is that people are supporting candidates [who don’t have the credentials to be president]. It’s like voting for a Jonas brother for president. When are you going to merge the two ideas; where you have someone that’s different but also has the credentials to run for president?

Matthew Dowd: If you have any political pedigree, you’re out.

Who has the most to gain or lose?

Matthew Dowd: What’s your sense? Who’s got the most to gain, to lose?

Matthew Dowd: I put a lot of faith in American people...

LZ Granderson: They have trump leading and you have faith in the American people?

Why the 2 percent are still running?

Matthew Dowd: So what happens to the people at 1 and 2 percent? Why are the people with 2 percent still in this; what do you think that’s about?

LZ Granderson: First of all, what else is Bobby [Jindal] going to do. He can’t go back to Louisiana. He’s of color, so let’s not pretend he doesn’t help with diversity.