Carly Fiorina Likely to Make Republican Debate Under New Rules

CNN is amending their GOP debate criteria, likely allowing Fiorina in debate.

Under the previous rules, CNN would consider polls stretching all the way back to mid-July, meaning that most of the polls included in Fiorina's average place her in the low single digits before her much-heralded performance in the FOX News undercard debate last month.

But now, CNN says that any candidate who was in the top 10 in polls from Aug. 6 to Sept. 6 will be included on the main stage.

Fiorina’s deputy campaign manager also weighed in on Twitter.

But the stage is still not set. The polling cutoff will ultimately decide Carly Fiorina’s fate, however her chances are now much better.

Prior to CNN’s rule change, Fiorina was averaging at 1.9 percent, but with the new debate criteria, Fiorina now averages at 5 percent, according to an ABC News analysis on who’s in and who’s out for the next debate.

ABC News’ Ryan Struyk contributed to this report.