Chris Christie Promises 'Drama' If He’s Elected President

The GOP candidate says there would be drama because he would speak his mind

“There’ll be some drama, because I believe you have an absolute right to know what I’m thinking and what I’m feeling, I work for you,” he continued.

Christie’s drama guarantee came in response to a question about how he would increase transparency as president, to which the Republican presidential candidate explained that he defines transparency in terms of how open and frank he would be with the American people.

“You’ll never have to wonder and certainly by the time my presidency will be over, you won’t say you won’t know me,” Christie said. “You’ll know me full well, and I’ll have lots of opinions.”

But with all that frankness, Christie warned, some are bound to disagree.

“I will also warn you that I’m not running from prom king I’m not looking to be the most popular guy in the world, I’m looking to be the most respected guy in the world," he said. "I’m looking for this country to be respected again around the world and at home.”