In CPAC Speech, Scott Walker Says He Can Take on ISIS

Wisconsin governor says at CPAC that his experience shows he can take on ISIS.

“If I can take on 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the world,” said Walker, wearing his sleeves rolled up, referring to his high-profile face-off with public-employee unions.

Walker aide Kirsten Kukowski issued a statement Thursday clarifying his earlier comments, saying: "Governor Walker believes our fight against ISIS is one of the most important issues our country faces. He was in no way comparing any American citizen to ISIS. What the governor was saying was when faced with adversity he chooses strength and leadership. Those are the qualities we need to fix the leadership void this White House has created."

“I’ve run three time in the last four years, so I’m getting pretty used to it,” he responded.

ABC News' Greg Hughes contributed to this report.