Dear Mr. President: Students Write Letters to President-Elect Donald Trump

The letters were an outlet for students to vent their frustrations.

Suki Highers, a sociology teacher at Fayetteville High School in Fayetteville, Arkansas, found that her students were in a similar state of mind.

“The day after the election, the school was kind of an emotional wreck,” said Highers. “And I don’t think anybody knew really how to navigate it.”

So Highers came up with a solution. She gave her students an assignment: write a letter to the incoming president.

“I didn’t feel comfortable talking about it,” said Highers. “I knew the kids had a lot of feelings that they needed to get out of them, and so I decided that the safest way was to let them write a letter.”

Every one of her students wrote a letter to the president-elect, telling him what they'd like to see accomplished when he assumes office. The letters will be mailed soon.