Democratic challenger Elaine Luria on track to flip Republican-leaning Virginia district

Elaine Luria challenged Rep. Scott Taylor, also a Navy veteran, in Virginia.

Elaine Luria looks at public service like her military work, it’s about “getting a mission done.”

“Having that experience of working together with people of all perspectives, all backgrounds, and accomplishing a mission is something that I think we as female veterans collectively feel we can take to Washington,” she said.

Now she is projected to win a Congressional seat long held by a Republican, ABC News projects, based on analysis of voting data.

She’s challenged U.S. Rep. Scott Taylor, also a Navy veteran, in Virginia’s Republican-leaning 2nd Congressional District.

Currently, 107 women serve in the House and Senate and make up 20 percent of the total members of the U.S. Congress. According to Rutgers University’s Center for Women and American Politics, there were 455 women who filed to run for Congress this election cycle, far surpassing the previous record set in 2012, when 298 women ran.

“I think when Congress matches the way rest of our country looks, we will get closer to meeting the needs of all the people around the country,” Luria told ABC News.

ABC News partner FiveThirtyEight forecasted Taylor keeping his seat, but Luria and Taylor were neck and neck when it came to fundraising, according to FEC filings.