Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Tease Details of Theoretical Debate

Will a one-on-one debate actually happen?

Trump agreed Wednesday to the one-on-one debate suggestion and hasn't backed down yet, but he has set some terms.

He stipulated Thursday that he'd "want a lot of money to be put up for charity" in order to make the debate happen.

During a press conference in North Dakota, Trump said "if we can raise for maybe women's health issues or something, if we can raise $10 million or $15 million for charity," then it could work.

"I understand the television business very well. I think we’d get very high ratings. It should be in a big arena somewhere. And we could have a lot of fun with it," Trump added.

ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd sees the whole debate over a possible debate as a win for both sides.

As for Hillary Clinton, the notion of a Trump-Sanders fight night "was a joke," and she says she's moving on.

"I'm going to look forward to debating Donald Trump," she said Thursday in California.