Donald Trump: ‘Very Happy’ to 'Self-Fund’ General Election Campaign

Trump brushed off the large fundraising gap between him and Clinton.

In the interview with Muir, Trump brushed off the large fundraising gap, accusing Clinton of “getting the money from the Wall Street guys and all the special interests.”

“I’ll be honest, I think I could spend $50, $60, $70 million of my own money and run a wonderful campaign,” Trump told Muir. “Now, would I have as many ads as her? No.”

He predicted Clinton would spend more than $1 billion on her campaign.

“I don’t think that kind of money is necessary,” Trump said, using his spending during the primary season as an example. “Remember this: I spent $50 million, and I won. Other people that were running against me spent many times that amount, and they lost -- not even close.”

ABC News' Alana Abramson and Chris Good contributed to this report.