What Donald Trump's Children Say About His Tweeting

Ivanka Trump says she's given her father feedback about his Twitter use.

ByABC News
January 19, 2017, 10:00 PM

— -- President-elect Donald Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka Trump and his two eldest sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump say their father’s Twitter account is a way for him to bring his message directly to the people.

“I see how bad the media can be. I see how deceptive they can be, and if he can get his message directly to the source by cutting out the middle man, I think that’s a great thing,” Eric Trump said in an exclusive interview with ABC News’ “20/20.”

As he prepares to enter office, the president-elect's use of Twitter, where he currently has over 20 million followers on his account @RealDonaldTrump, remains a source of controversy. He’s been criticized for referring to people in his tweets things like a “liar,” “loser,” “sleazebag,” “silly” and “stupid.”

“Sometimes he’s right, in all fairness,” Eric Trump said of his father’s tweets.

Donald Trump and his administration will soon take over @POTUS, the official Twitter account created by the White House for the sitting president. He has said he will also keep his original account @RealDonaldTrump.“I think he’ll pull back on some of it, but again, I think, if stuff and misinformation is put out there, he’s going to call them out, as he should,” Donald Trump Jr. said of his father’s Twitter use in an exclusive interview with “20/20.”

When asked if she’s ever told her father to “knock it off” or “let it go” when it comes to his relentless tweeting, Ivanka Trump laughed and said, “Sure.”

“I’m his daughter, so I give him my feedback, solicited or otherwise. You know, it’s a unique moment, because he has so many people that are engaged with him who he can bring his message to directly,” Ivanka Trump told “20/20.”

But whether or not Donald Trump listens to Ivanka Trump’s advice about his Twitter use is a different question.

“[It] depends on the day,” she said laughing.

Ivanka, however, is hoping that others will listen to her advice. Her new book, “Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success,” is expected to be out in May. She told ABC's Deborah Roberts that the book's proceeds will be donated to charity.

Donald Trump Jr. says his father is aware that people around the world hang on his father’s tweets.

“He does understand that. And they’re going to have to get used to it as well,” said Don Jr.

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